The Ear Piercing Course Covers:

Ear piercing is one of the oldest know forms of body modification, references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. This is an excellent add-on treatment for any Hair and Beauty Technician.

On this ear piercing course, you will learn the procedure for lobule piercing, including how to use the gun, how to prepare the site, earring placement and aftercare advice.

You will study the following:

  • Preparing yourself and the Service Area
  • How to Identify Client Characteristics
  • Sit Location
  • Contraindications
  • Health Issues
  • Preparing the Piercing Gun
  • Best Practice
  • Operating and Cleaning the Gun
  • Consent Slip for Under 18
  • Step by step Piercing Procedure
  • Adverse Affects
  • Aftercare AdviceInstructions List for your Client

Course Cost: £50.00
Duration: Half a Day